3D Cute Pocky Airpods Case

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$15.99 USD
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Chocolate for Airpods Gen 1 and Gen 2
Matcha for Airpods Gen 1 and Gen 2
Strawberry for Airpods Gen 1 and Gen 2
Matcha for AirpodsPro
Strawberry for Airpods Pro
Matcha for Airpods Gen3
Strawberry for Airpods Gen3


 Is that Pocky? The hottest kawaii Pocky sticks box airpods case is now here! Attach this cute keychain to your backpack, gym bag, and handbag for the japanese school girl look. Did I mention it is super sturdy? It will definitely save your expensive airpods if it falls!



Airpods Gen1, Airpods Gen2, Airpods Pro
Color Red, Pink, Green
Material Silicon
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