Soft Banana Duck Plush

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white 50cm
white 70cm
yellow 50cm
yellow 70cm


💞Sleep like a queen with this kawaii Banana Duck Plush 😘 you deserve the marshmallow softness when you are watching netflix, youtube or a movie. This plushie keeps you company when you need a friend

💞Looking for a creative gift for your friends/significant other? Or just reward yourself? Stop looking around! This Huge Flying Goose Duck Plush is perfect for those who love animal plushies!

💞Check out our Tiktok @mykawaiispace to how this works and see how cute this Huge Flying Goose Duck Plush is! To check out our other creative funny gift ideas and  kawaii lifestyle video, check out our instagram: @mykawaiispace and Tiktok: @mykawaiispace


Size 50cm, 70cm
Color Yellow, White
 Material Plush, Cotton
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