Cozy Pet Sleeping Capsule

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Light Grey
L 36cm*36cm*38cm
M 33cm*33cm*35cm
XL 39cm*39cm*40cm


🐶PLUSH PET TENT: We’ve designed these tent houses for dogs and cats using velboa interior and cotton exterior. Providing the most comfortable place for your lovely pets.

🐶GREAT INDOOR LOOK: The timeless style of our modern exterior allows them to seamlessly blend into any décor.

🐶COZY HOUSE: The dimension of this indoor tent gives your pet a touch of privacy and creates a nice sense of security. Up to 39cm*39cm*40cm in size for XL pets.

🐶EASY TO MAINTAIN: The tent is machine washable without stretching out of shape and acts like a soft crate making traveling simple.

🐶DESIGNED TO LAST: We carefully make our soft tents for dogs and cats to give them maximum durability.



100% Cotton, Velboa interior


Pet House, Pet Bed, Pet Tent


Light Gray


Medium (for pets less than 4kg): 33cm*33cm*35cm

Large (for pets less than 6kg): 36cm*36cm*38cm

Extra Large for pets less than 12kg): 39cm*39cm*40cm

Compatible for

Both cats and dogs



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