Kawaii Strawberry Milk Rubber Mouse Pad

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15.7"x35.4"(XL) Style 1
15.7"x35.4"(XL) Style 2
15.7"x35.4"(XL) Style 3
15.7"x35.4"(XL) Style 4
11.8"x31.5"(L) Style 1
11.8"x31.5"(L) Style 2
11.8"x31.5"(L) Style 3
11.8"x31.5"(L) Style 4
9.8"x11.4" (S)
7.9"x9.8" (S)
7.1"x8.7" (S)


Got a large desk? This Japanese high quality digital art inspired strawberry milk box mouse pad is perfect for you! The largest size can go up to 15.7"x 35.4". Not only it's super cute, it makes you desk to be comfortable to take a nap on. It's perfect if you want to go for the kawaii pink e-girl set up!


Size 15.7"x35.4"(XL), 11.8"x31.5"(L), Various Sizes (S)
Color  Pink, Yellow
Material Soft Rubber Material & Smooth Fabric

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