Japanese Digital Art Landscape Pink Aesthetic Mouse Pad

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15.7"x35.4"(XL) Style 1
15.7"x35.4"(XL) Style 2
15.7"x35.4"(XL) Style 3
15.7"x35.4"(XL) Style 4
7.9"x9.8" (S)
11.8"x31.5"(L) Style 1
11.8"x31.5"(L) Style 2
11.8"x31.5"(L) Style 3
11.8"x31.5"(L) Style 4


Want to go for a pink aesthetic vibe for your PC set up? These mouse pads are perfect for you! These mouse pads are huge: it covers your entire table (please check sizes before your purchase). Not only that, they are high quality and anti-slip. Turn your boring table to an aesthetically pleasing one in an instant!


Size 15.7"x35.4"(XL), 11.8"x31.5"(L), Various Sizes (S)
Material Rubber
Color Soft Rubber Material & Smooth Fabric

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