Gojo Magic RGB Mousepad

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RGB 14 Color Option


🎮【Extra Large】- This XL size (400mm x 800mm x 3mm / 15.7in x 31.5in x 0.11in) mouse pad is large enough to fit your full size mechanical keyboard, mouse and other desk items. Sufficient size for large mouse movement.

🎮【Water-proof Coating and Anti-Slip Backing】-  Spill-proof coating makes liquids slide right off the surface. Accidentally spilled your coffee? No problem. Effectively prevent damage from drinks. Easy to clean spilled liquid with a piece of cloth with soap. The anti-skid nature of the rubber base keeps this mouse pad firmly in place. Just focus on gaming and work without worrying about annoying surface movement.

🎮【Durability】- Frayed edges and low-quality mousepad materials are problems many gamers are familiar with. Our anti-fray mouse pad has precise stitching along the edges of the surface ensuring it will never peel.

🎮【Smooth Surface】- The perfect micro-weave textured surface gives great mouse control movement and balance. The performance-tuned surface optimizes mouse tracking accuracy for both optical and laser sensors.

🎮【Package Contains】- Regular Package: Non-Slip Mousepad; RGB Package: RGB MousePad + 1 micro-usb cable

🎮【14 Color RGB】The RGB mousepad supports 14 mode spectrum backlighting,7 static light modes, alternating Wave, synchronizing Wave, alternating flash, alternating red changing, lights off, synchronize breathing etc. This controller of LED mouse pad is designed on the upper left side, The left-handed player or the right-handed player can all find a comfortable position.

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