450pcs/3 pack Credit Card Reward Stickers

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  • ✨PERSONALIZE STYLE - Decorate your card to your own liking - These stickers make your cards unique and help you remember the right rewards to use. Make your boring credit card more interesting!
  • 💳 FIND THE RIGHT CARD FOR YOUR PURCHASE - Have you ever struggled to remember which credit card to use for your purchases? Well, you won’t have that problem anymore with these stickers!
  • 💳 PREMIUM MATERIALS - We use the most quality glossy vinyl and long-lasting inks for these stickers: bubble-free, ultra-thin and removable. The stickers are produced with 100% waterproof matte finish and anti-scratch card skins
  • 🎁 UNIQUE GIFT - we all have that one friend with too many credit cards. These stickers are the perfect decoration for their card collection and help them get the best rewards.
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